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Offer for hotel business owners

Get a charging station and electric motorists as additional customers.

We will advertise your hotel in our application. +50 000
electric motorists in Ukraine and more than 3 000 000 electric motorists
in Europe will see your hotel when they are looking for a charging station!

Hotels support the charging station for $0 investment,
and the charging station will be purchased by itself!

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Interested in an offer? Write to us!

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Charging stations are a benefit for everyone

See for yourself

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3 200 000

Electric cars in Europe


Travel every day

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16 000

EV customers per day

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~ $50

Room price per night

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$800 000

Market for the day

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$240 000 (30%)

Savings on aggregators Expedia, Booking, etc.

~5 451

Hotels and motels in Ukraine

AC ~27 000DC ~5 000

These are potential locations for installing charging stations

Let's look at the energy service, +200% markup goes for each kilowatt (purchase of 1 kW - 4₴, sale - 12₴, net income - 8₴).

It's easy to find a hotel with a charging station and make a direct booking using the link with detailed information about the charging station

Filter by hotels

Filtering of charging stations based on the availability of hotels near them

Filter by overnight stay

Filtering will allow users to find charging stations with rest areas nearby


Station filtering system
Allocates hotels in the app: good for hotel business.


Link to the hotel website is
placed right in the station profile.

Link to your site

A link to your site will allow users to quickly and conveniently reserve a room on your site hotels

The name of your hotel

In the details of your charging station, you can specify the name of your hotel

Station filtering system
Highlights hotels in the application: profitable for hotel business.

Link to the hotel website is
placed directly in the station's profile.

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Download our app

Use our charging app. Access to complete information about stations and easy interface will allow you to easily find everything you need.

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